Mare Wallington

From relationships, personal health, careers and education – learn how to make better choices to live a happier, more fulfilled and longer life, starting now.

Do you often doubt yourself? Are you tired of making undesirable choices?

Mare Coaching

Mare Life Coaching, led by Mare Wallington, can be by your side:

  • Assisting you to achieve personal and professional goals;
  • working with you to help you improve your communication skills;
  • helping you achieve the balance you are looking for in your life to attain happiness.

Here’s what clients are saying….

“Mare Wallington knew exactly how to get to the issue in a kind and loving way. She offered support and guidance through the transition.”

“Working with Mare has been an enlightening experience. The knowledge I have acquired is something I could never get out of a self-help book, or even therapy.”

“What I admire most about Mare is her ability to face challenges with an almost complete sense of positive action. She is compassionate and available.”