“The thing I like most about Mare, is every word that comes from her is almost perfect – meaning, talk, text and just the way she communicates.” 
– Rob D.

“Working with Mare has been an enlightening experience. The knowledge I have acquired is something I could never get out of a self-help book or even therapy. Her approach and technique is truly a gift, and I am so grateful that I have been able to work with her over the years. My life has taken a huge turn in a positive and productive direction. The tools I have learned have helped me in all areas of my life. I have made better choices and have come to understand why I make them and what I can do to better myself. You will have to dig deep, but Mare is right there, supporting and rooting for you all the way. She has been such a huge supporter on my journey and I am eternally grateful.”
Kerry R.

“I had a coaching session with Mare, which was great at getting me to discover and pinpoint spaces in my life that needed filling. I even started my own “Meetup” group where I have met some wonderful friends. Thanks Mare for igniting that fire!”
– Adrienne G.

“Recently I have had the pleasure of working with Mare Wallington on mindfulness and personal growth. In July of 2018, I found myself in desperate need of a life coach and was fortunate enough to connect with her. In the past nine months, we have met either through phone conversations or private meetings. These sessions have guided me through some difficult challenges, and Mare has enabled me to realize and practice strategies that I can use as needed. She has always been open minded, and offered solid, reasonable advice on many topics.  When necessary, Mare offers “tough love” in a compassionate, yet effective way. Our conversations flow effortlessly, and thankfully, we are able to appreciate the humorous side of things. I am grateful to have found Mare, as she is part of the foundation of my personal progress. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a life coach.”
Jacqueline R.

“After speaking with Mare for the first time, I was truly inspired by her passion for what she does. After 12 years of being a business owner and a healer, I longed for that enthusiasm to return. I have met many people who are coaches, and after conversations, never felt the trust or inspired connection that I felt with Mare.”  
Dawn N.

“Where to begin? It isn’t one remark or one kind word that Mare said to me that affected and impacted me and my life. I have known her for most of my life and during that time, the transition from acquaintance to deep friendship and sharing has begun a change in me. She has made me become aware of my life style and I respond by change although gradual. Change is not easy, yet she was my backbone, my cornerstone, and she was always there.”
Scott B.